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Welcome to SnakeAround

Welkom op mijn site, ik ben een Nederlandse slangenliefhebster die ook kweekt, voornamelijk met rode rattenslangen.

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a Dutch hobbyist snake keeper and breeder. I keep and breed mainly cornsnakes.

I live in Holland and have been keeping snakes from summer '05. It started with 2 cornsnakes but as most snake keepers know, the hobby is very addictive. So next to  a nice collection of cornsnakes I now have some other species too; two gopher snakes, two kingsnakes and two boa constrictors.

If you like looking at pictures, you can either browse through my recent collection with some smaller pictures and information per snake, or go to the galleries where you'll find an album with multiple larger photo's per snake. The album galleries are not yet complete, but they will also contain photo's of snakes I don't own anymore and hatchlings from clutches I bred.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy your stay on my SnakeAround site!

Barbara V.


Active Image Breeder ID: 885

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Micro scale corns
In 2010 some really weird corns popped up in a clutch, click here to find out more!

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Polly, '11 normal het anery, ultra/amel, bloodred, motley

I bred this girl myself from my granite male x an ultramel motley female I sold.

Photo's taken May 2012 (she is a slightly nervous type so she froze in this position)

normal het anery, ultra/amel, bloodred, motley



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